Thursday, March 5, 2009

Three Little Reminders...

Good Morning everyone! I just wanted to get some reminders out of the way. Let's see...First, Don't forget about entering this Saturdays Brenda Photo Challenge! Cindra at Pics & Knits is this rounds host and she has Really come up with a "challenge"!! I've already got mine "locked and loaded" and ready for Saturday morning's viewing...Hahaa...I'm so pitiful...Also thanks to Donna at Cottage Days for taking pity on us poor souls who are "photo" challenged...And to Miz Brenda at What's Up Down South for being the Whole inspiration for All these challenges...She took pity on me about a year ago after having to listen to my constant whining..... My photos lacked a certain....ahhhh...."look"...Hahaaa...and she jumped right in and started making suggestions on how I could make improvements. I felt, starting these challenges would be just the thing to help, not only myself...but anyone else who just loved Anything to do with photography. It's worked and now I'm not alone!! Thanks to All of the people who participate. I just think it's plain old Fun!! Thanks Miz Brenda...Because of your wiliness to help someone, look at the many smiles you've brought to blogland! (also a few cuss words...WHAT??!!LOLOL).
NEXT: TIME CHANGE THIS WEEKEND!!!! USA!! Don't forget to set your clocks FORWARD one hour SATURDAY NIGHT!!!
You don't want to show up for Late do you??
And finally, I just wanted to remind all of us in the USA that postal rates will change Again on May 1st....Stamps go from .42 cents to .44 cents.....GEEZ!!!! Go purchase a few of these "Forever" stamps to tide you over the transition... Now if Only the US Postmaster would lower his Salary from 800,000 to......ALRIGHT....ALRIGHT...Hahahaaa...I'll leave it alone...I'm just Now more peaceful...Zen...Zen.......SO...Here's hoping you have a Wonderful day...Stay Happy!