Sunday, April 29, 2012

Prom Number Two...JT's School

Sami's friend Kari and our William with Sam...We're excited for our little Will! He's going for his first Braces exam on Monday! He's said he's ready for them so here Goes!
Well, Saturday night (I should say All Day) was Prom Date Number Two for Sami and JT (Sam's boy-friend). They don't go to the same high school SO, that means two proms. Sort of a his and hers. If you have kids then you KNOW...Lots of work and preparation goes into these things. Bless Crystal's heart (my daughter and Sam's Mom)! It's a constant daylight to after midnight affair...I remember all the work and staying up late for Crystal when she had hers. Bet you remember your kiddos as well!
Sami and Tim (Sam's other Dad and Crystal's hubby)
Sam's hairdoo...She did it herself..."How", I have no clue...I'd break both my arms trying to do That little contortion...Hahaaa...
Sam and JT...
Crystal had left her camera at work so she called me to see if she could borrow mine. She likes to do photo shoots at neat locations, pre-event. Well, Crystal, Sami, Sami's girlfriend Kari and Kari's mom all started driving around going to familiar spots and shooting various poses. Crystal said they were driving down some road when she looked over and saw this wheat field...Bingo! She whipped the car over, made the girls hop out and started clicking... The above photo was her favorite...I think she took a great shot. I also think it's been edited on something called picmonkey (no clue what that is but Crys says it's a lot like PicNik was...) but I'm not sure.
Anyway, since she used my camera and Big Honking Lens (which takes pretty decent portrait shots), she let me steal the above pose to edit... That's the best part for me...It's FUN to edit and play with the different shots. She ALSO fell in love with my lens! "Mom! I LOVED using that LENS"!!!!!Hahaaaa.....Needless to say, I did a "purse check" before she left here last night!
This is my edit on the above photo...and No, it's not perfect but I had fun with it. I learned how to get rid of wild hairs and loose, tiny strings from the fabric of the dress. I also incorporated a sun-flare on the right side of the shot...that was interesting to play around with. Seem to be learning but it's slow-going...Click on the photos to enlarge...there's too many for me to enlarge them manually.
Well, I appreciate you reading through this post and having to go through yet Another prom with me...but hey, you only get to experience this....twice, so I feel blessed.
Have a great Sunday!