Sunday, March 7, 2010

I Hope I'm Done!!

Geez Louise! Six and a half hours in town yesterday...It was a marathon! I've put off getting all the things I need for Crystals wedding and brother, I'm paying for it!Hahaa...I feel like someone beat the bottom of my feet with a baton...I HATE to shop! Oh YES I DO! Store after Store after Store!! But I must admit, I found a surprise at Dillards. See those hosiery in the photos? Do any of you remember these patterns from the 60's?? Well I did and just had to indulge. I got one of each...I just love them. I also had to get pumps (not the ones in the photo) and my black slacks. Those dressing rooms! There's more room in my closet...Also had to get lingerie for Crys' party next Saturday...I Know I've forgotten something...I just Know it! I Really don't know where that Double Mocha Latte Frappachino came from...?LOL... I was on a schedule! No time for that stuff!
So, guess I'll go check my list again for the Eleventh Thousandth Time...and grab another cuppa coffee. Y'all have a Happy Sunday!