Tuesday, August 12, 2008

What A Surprise from Blondie!!

Today when I came home, sitting at my back door was this big box...??? What on Earth? Who is this from, I wondered....and Then I saw it...Blondie! You Sweet little Scamp!!! I raced inside to open it...carefully. It began to wiggle around on the table...I Gently cut the tape and Who should pop up but.....

Miss "Candy"!!! HerSelf!!! Miz Blondie Made her!!! Isn't she Special!!! A face only a mother could love!!!!LOLHahahaha......She jumped off the table and ran to the fireplace and got herself settled in! "Evil Spirits", she said. "I'll keep them Out!".....so there she sits....watching!!

"Candy", guarding the fireplace from "evil spirits"....Hahahaha

Thank you SO much Blondie!! I Love her!!! If You want to see what Else Blondie makes, go to her blog!!! She's SO talented!!!