Thursday, June 12, 2008

It Was, Kiss and Make-up Time...

Well, it was a Good thing the kids came by when they did...Corky was just about to blow a fuse. Lots of loving and rubbing going on!LOL...and squeals of happiness! Oh, and Corky liked it too...LOL
Well, nothing much going on today. Hot is the word for being outside today. 96degrees in the shade. Now it's time to start griping about no rain...My tomato plants look sickly even though I've been watering them. The strawberry plant? LOLOL...right. It's just sitting there as a reminder of what happens to a bedding plant when I get hold of it! Not pretty.
I Did Learn something new today! Yes I Did!! AOL-IM'ing...How Neat!! I've tried Windows IM with a friend in San Antonio but, for some reason, I can't get it to come up. Crystal taught me the basics and now I can IM her All over the place!! SO Fast too!! Another thing I'm Trying to learn is Facebook...or Faceplate...LOL..something like that...Anyway, I've managed to send a few messages with that as well...Brother! You could spend you're whole Life learning one thing and then something Else comes along that's faster and better!! Geez!! Non Stop!
So I think I'll carry my weary rear to the bed...I can't tell if that's Hubby making those rude noises or the computer!!LOL....Happy night or day to you!!!

There's A Suffering Going On!

Corky is NOT a happy camper!!

Carryout from our favorite Chinese restaurant...Cashew Chicken

Well, Corky, our 17yr old pooch, is Not happy. He keeps going to the front door waiting for Crystal and the kids to come home...not happening. All night, every night, since they moved, he's been wandering the house looking for them...barking. Little tiny barks, grunts. He's PO'ed in the Worst way. They moved and did Not consult Him...Geez!! Crystal Anne!!! You Know the routine!!...LOL... You got some 'Splaining to do!! He slept with them...ate when They ate. Watched over them, alerting them to possible attacks from Gamma or he's suffering...itching. Is it hives? Stress? Abandonment???? He Shadows my Every move...hunting. I see only One possible solution....Where should I put his food when we bring him to you???LOLOL......Happy night or day everyone!
PS- Don't forget the Brenda Photo Challenge for Saturday, June 14th at Cindras blog!!! Anyone who's interested...go to Cindra's blog and tell her you want to join in so she can add your blog to the viewing list!!!