Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Three Things Today! An Award to Share, The Brenda Photo Challenge AND Big Red Ice Cream!

Many Thanks to Lille Meg!! I always feel so honored to receive an award!! That means...ya'll really do "read" me!!LOL....SO, I'm suppose to pass this on to the blogs I feel, fit the award....Hummmmm...let me see...How about ALL OF YOU on my blog roll!!! You are All brilliant to me and I Just cannot pick a few! So if You are reading this, grab a copy of it and display it on Your blog! And Know, I cherish each and Every one of you!!!

NEXT, is the Brenda Photo Challenge! Photos are due to be displayed, Friday morning, July 11th...Are 'ya Ready??LOL......

And lastly, How to make Big Red Ice Cream. I had several friends ponder and wonder what the heck Big Red is...It's soda! Like Dr Pepper, Pepsi or Coke...If you Can't get it in your area, try using a strawberry flavored soda and a little 7Up! Works just as well. Ready? Here we go!

I Do believe all the ingredients in the picture are self explanatory....LOL...but here they are:
2 cans sweetened condensed milk
2 cans evaporated milk
2 cartons real whipping cream
1 - 2 liter bottle of Big Red

Mix the sweetened condensed milk, the evaporated milk, and the whipping cream in your ice cream mixer can.

Push in the paddle...I'm Waiting here....lolol...Ready?

Start pouring in the Big Red...slowly! You Don't want to create more bubbles than necessary!

Remember! Do Not fill it up and over the top of your paddle!! It will expand when it freezes!! Fill it to the Bottom of the top part of the paddle.

OK? See? What???!!!LOL....Ok,Ok..so I filled it a Little too high...Don't worry, I took care of the extra.....Hahaha...Good!!! Oh, Did I mention you need to taste the the stuff before you freeze it???

Put the lid on.....come on....Got it?

Plug in the motor and start adding your ice and rock salt. When you've got it filled with both, turn on the tap and put some water in with the ice! I find it freezes faster...and don't be afraid to Use That Salt!!

Now I'm not sure what kind of freezer You have, but mine is an old (30 yrs) one and it will freeze the 4quarts in about 45 minutes. It cost a Whole $12.00, so I Do Not scream at it....when I walk by, I just pat it...Good Baby.....

While it's freezing, get your freezer container ready!

Well, That's more like it!! She's Ready!!

Put the ice cream in the container, pop the lid on and put in the freezer (if it makes it to the freezer...LOL). It'll Really set up better after a couple of hours. Now HOW did that Christmas spatula get in there??LOL..

Now Wasn't that easy?? Remember also, you can use Any flavor soda you want! Trial and error! You'll find what you like after a couple of tries! For Us? It's Big Red, all the way! Happy night or day folks!!