Monday, August 15, 2011

Still, No Rain...sigh.

Nothing...Nada! We DID have cloudy skies though which brought a much needed bit of relief to our Texas sky. Some areas that dotted Texas got a little rain but, as hopeful as we were, none fell on OUR yard! Yes, I will be glad for the cooler weather to begin (I KNOW Ac! You predicted last Winter I'd be screaming for cooler weather...Hahaaa...I AM!!). Just not ICE! Think I'll move to Belize....
We did not do One thing this last weekend. It's just been so busy around here lately that my get up and Go, got up and went without me....Hubby did a little geocaching and I watched the news (Horrible about the grandstand falling in Indiana?!!!! Bless their hearts!) Gov. Rick Perry jumping in the POTUS race...thank God!
Well, hope you all have a great day...and if you're getting rain, blow some our way!