Sunday, June 15, 2008

A Day for Fathers

A Barn Swallow nest with babies at Hubby's Dad's house

Mr Frog at Hubby's Dad's house

Their weather vane

Crystal and Sami during todays visit with Hubby

Crystal and William

Too hot to cook anything heavier than Cheddar cheese, tomato quiche

Hubby loving Becker, Dad's Dog/human/child...LOL

Hubby's Dad, Becker and Mom

It was 100 degrees today!! we go.

White Althea (Rose of Sharon) in their yard

Well, another Father's Day gone. My Own Dad visited in Spirit only...and was loving as usual. Really miss him. Especially on days like these. Kinda felt like the kid in the back of the room who was the only one, whose Dad, didn't show up for the play. Oh well. You can tell the mind that you Know they're with you, but trying to convince the body it's true is a little harder. You still feel your eyes well up (Why do they Hurt when that happens)??LOL......I was a Very inquisitive child...always wanting to know the Why of everything...And Why isn't he here?...He finished the job...he's off and running again helping someone else...teaching Them how to love...all over again. I Love you Daddy and I'm SO damn proud of you. Here's to and forever. I'll see you over there........