Saturday, October 3, 2009

Brenda Photo Challenge (10/3/09) Pets

Please don't forget to go back and check for late entries during the day! We've had some latecomers!
Hubby and I have worked for Months to tame this wild cat...Buddy. That's his name now. He's never had a name.
He still will run, at the drop of a hat, at anything loud or fast.
This is our daughter Crystal, years ago, holding Hubby's favorite poodle...Rusty. We miss him.
And finally, this is our Little Dog, Corky...17yrs old...almost completely blind and deaf. I'll keep carrying him outside as long as he wants to hang around...
Well, these are My offerings! Now I'm off to see Yours!! Have a great weekend! I'll be posting the Next date and theme on Sunday evening!