Friday, February 8, 2008

Well, After All That....

After yesterday's adventure, today's post is probably going to be pretty boring!! I'm having the so called, "brain freeze" today! lol It's warm again today. Highs will be in the 70's. That'll give me a chance to get out in the yard and survey Winters damage so far. I also need to cut back on the rose bushes branches. Here in the south, February is the month to cut back branches. Roses really tend to come back pretty if you do it now.

What will we be doing this weekend? Well, as usual, Hubby will pick up the phone this evening, after 5:00pm to call the courthouse to find out if they will be needing him on Monday for Federal jury duty. He started having to call the first of January. You are on call for three months...hasn't had to serve yet. He'll finish this "calling", hopefully, the last weekend in March. THEN...we're Out of ...somewhere that involves the 5th Wheel!!! Anywhere! LOL

Well, here's hoping you all have a wonderful, warm and safe evening!