Sunday, May 22, 2011

Three Things I Learned While My Plane Crashed...

Here's the link to the Video if you want to watch...Everytime I'd bring up my blog, it would load so Slowly!

Well, I'm still here, no rapture...not even a cup of coffee to go. I'm Still trying to wrap my mind around how Mr. Camping decided that yesterday was THE day. Oh, I KNOW where he got his ideas but not the WHYS of his ideas. How many people had their lives destroyed by believing in this Man...How many families were torn apart. My personal belief is to:
1. LOVE (This is #1 in my life...Without love, well, just Imagine your life without it...)
2. Just, Believe! (What else can you DO? Worry? Cry? Blame? Not me crazy)
3. Happy (I think this word speaks for itself...50% of the time I don't feel it...and Just when I'm about ready to pull my hair out...Happy shows up!
So, what about YOU? Have you given this old life another chance? What will you do differently? Anything? Nothing? What are YOUR Three things?
As for me...I'm Happy just like I am...mostly. Sure I have things I need to change and work on...I'm human. But, MY Three things??? They will NEVER change....
The guy in the video got a hair raising shock...I Do Not want "shock" in my life...Hahahaaa...well...NOT the kind he had...My kind of shock is the "spinach-between-the-teeth kind, and that's okay.... I can deal with that.
So Have a HAPPY Sunday Gang and be grateful you have someone to tell you about the Spinich...there...huhhh...right there....ok, you got it...Hahaaaa
PS- Go visit Sandys late entry to the Challenge and say hello!