Thursday, September 27, 2007

How to get a Man to do What?

Just had to let y'all see the kind of stuff we get here in the office! Seems like it would a bit uncomfortable to lean up to the sink to wash your hands...or do I miss the point? Y'all have a great day!

A Little Magic

Ever find yourself wishing you had a fairy godmother to "poof" up your every wish? I can think of lots of things to wish for...more time off...people smiling more...happiness for all of us here on earth. My daughter to find true love and my son to wake up to life. Oh well, they say "if wishes were horses, all beggers would ride." It'll all come in time because, I believe...
I've been noticing the weather up north lately. Seems y'all are getting rain and colder temps! It's still in the lower 90's here in Texas. The sporadic showers we've been getting lately though have helped cool it off a bit.
Hubby got to work yesterday morning and had a run-in with some guy supposedly walking his wife to work. Seemed to be on "dope" of some kind. Hubby said he stuck his head in the truck's window, so Hubby whipped out his and shot his picture. Said the guy was screaming at him and carrying on something awful. He eventually wandered off behind some buildings and was gone. I really worry about Hubby getting here so early in the mornings. You never know what could happen. And he'd be alone. Hate it. Oh well, never ending battle.
Well, to everyone out there who has a wish, may it come true for you today. Have a great day and a better tomorrow.