Thursday, January 8, 2009

Sorry Joan (Canada)!

She forced me....she did! She told me Not to do it...she waved a red flag. Lust can be a terrible thing...a constant yearning. It Must be satisfied!!LOL....So I did! That frozen chicken kept staring at me every time I'd open the freezer door. I couldn't stand it another minute! I eased him out of the freezer door...gently. Placing him upon the counter, I waited until he thawed towards me...attitude is everything. I knew he'd give me the ultimate gift...Crunch...and he did! He insisted he wouldn't go alone so I baked up a couple of potatoes. They go well together, even to the sweet, crunchy end. My night is now complete. I'm sorry Joan. I failed you....LOLHahaa. I'm now off to find a cozy spot to park myself...sated. Forgive me.