Monday, April 15, 2013

Bears and Creme Brulee...

Hubby and I left out early Saturday morning to do some shopping and eating out in Ft Worth, Texas.  First stop was Cabella's where you can find anything that'll please your fancy.  They also have all kinds of stuffed wildlife for people to look at.  I must admit that I'm not really nuts about that part but I got several shots of them anyway.
Then it was on to Pappadeaux's for a late lunch.  We had fried shrimp and then the main course...Creme Brulee!Hahaaaa....Yep...That's the main reason why we eat there!  It is Wonderful!  The thin cookie has a slight lemony taste as does the white dollop of cream.  The sugared topping was crispy and the Brulee was out of this world.  If you have a Pappadeauxs in your town, you really need to go!  
By the time we got home, we were pooped and full of good eats, which made us extremely lazy.  Naps were NOT taken but lazing around on the couch was a good we did!
Hope you are already having a super week.