Friday, April 26, 2013

Looking For My Normal...

Do YOU have my Normal???  I've lost it somewhere....Hahaa...Saw it about two weeks go but I can't remember where that was!Lol.....Oh well. Got into the computer and pulled up a photo of my babies to play around with in PSElements.  Peaceful... I think I'll make hubby drive me around this weekend to look for something to take photos of....IF I ever get the laundry done...geeez.
Obama came to town yesterday and even though I can not Stand what he's doing to the country, he gave an inspiring speech for the families and people of West and that's what counts.  Although...some people got up and left right after he spoke...More then should have so you knew they just came to hear him speak....Not Good!  The service was two and a half hours long.  Even though Obama spoke, there was still the rest of the service and the honors to be given.  I don't know about you, but you keep your butts in the chair until the service is complete!  Show some respect!  If they weren't there for the Families then why take seats from those that wanted a seat but couldn't get one...  Oh well, I'm DONE...tired of sadness and anger.  As we say here, "Ya can't fix stupid.
SOOO!!!! Wass 'SUP wich Choo'???Hahahaa......
Hope you all have a wonderful weekend and if you happen across my normal, just hang onto it.


Sally said...

Well, your normal will be back shortly; it's been a full moon ya know.

I love that pic of Crys & Will. They're SO cute, and Crystal just doesn't ever look old enough to have a daughter graduating, and a son who's taller than her.

I hope you feel better about things soon, Donna. I'm so sorry for all the sadness and the families who will never be the same again. ((hugs))

Ginny Hartzler said...

Shhhh, don't tell anyone, I am OFF the computer today! Not visiting or commenting. BUT I happened to have a minute to check my e-mail, and I saw your icon, so I had to hop by. I wish I could have seen the speech, but I missed it. I think everyone should loose their normal now and then. It is reassuring and comfy, but can be kind of boring, like an old broken in shoe. Not normal can be exciting and refreshing. But not for TOO long.

Auntie sezzzzzz... said...

Ohhhhhhh Sweety! If I happen to stumble across your normal, I'll probably keep it, for myself!!!! We are all in search of some normal, I fear.

Kinda' torn between needing to keep riled-up about the horrors.... And the need to not let "CREEPS", get into our heads, and mess with our lives. It's tough, being pulled both ways, like this.

HOORAY! You have heard Shep Smith's saying, about the "Shoplifting-Boston-Bomber-Mama's" news conference in russia... "She's out there, where the trains don't run." Hooray! Someone knows it.

'Course, I love just about anything that cuttie-pie Shep says!!! -grin-


Ann said...

I don't know if I would recognize normal if I saw it so I can't help you :)

Sandy Trefger said...

Hopefully normal will return soon and we can all be in our happy place for a while.
Bunny Stahnke

Anvilcloud said...

Have you seen my old lamron?

Out on the prairie said...

ahh normalacy, there is a street in Lincoln,NE named Normal Blvd. I always wanted to live on it and raise an average family.

Jill said...

You mean to tell me there really is such a thing as NORMAL????

Sally said...

Well? Have you found it yet?

I found mine:
Coffee Ice Cream
A good book
The house to myself (shhh don't tell anyone I said that)

Enjoy your Sunday. I hope it's as petty there as here.


A Colorful World said...

TOOOO Rude! They should have been there for the duration, to honor those fallen men and women. Shame on them! They just wanted to say they saw a President speak...that's all they cared about. Disgusting!