Sunday, April 28, 2013

Sunday Morning...

Good Morning!   We woke up to heavy fog this morning.  Sort of, the old English kind.  I like a good fog...Hahaaa.....I stay in one most of the time!
More of my playing around with photos from Sami's prom.  This was at the start of the getting dressed ritual.  This is also a copy from Face Book.  I didn't upload the photos onto my MAC and I can't figure how to do the "cloud" thing.  Oh well, that's fodder for another day.

You remember, a few post ago where I told you about the ant killer borax stuff?  Well, either I need to apply the mixture twenty times or it really doesn't work.  You probably need to do it several times since it's a home remedy but I just don't seem to want to.  This, I Want It Now, life of mine really needs to change.  I've fallen into the trap.  I wanted those ants to be vaporized...ain't happening!  I also must confess....I have the BugLady coming in the morning...Hahaaa...WHAT??  I can't stand those destructive insects a minute longer.  I'll work on my I Want It Now lifestyle starting Tuesday...I promise!Hahaaa
 Did any of you try it?  Probably not.  Don't blame you!  I always like to wait until results are in.  Well, don't go by me!Hahaaa....I don't think my one time is working.

Well, the kiddos are coming for lunch of sausage and ribs.  Guess I'll close for the day...Enjoy your day sweet friends!


Auntie sezzzzzz... said...

You stay a lot "in a fog," and you can't figure out how to do the "cloud thing." Oh I do love-you-to-pieces, my Dear!!! I readily admit to the above, but I'm 'olden.' That's my excused.

But your NOT 'olden' and you still can't do all the techy-techy-techy stuff. :-))))))) It warms my 'Olden' heart! -gigggles-


Out on the prairie said...

Love to play out in the fog, and would eat one or two ribs and sausages.

Chatty Crone said...

Another remedy that did work for me was gloves - Not pretty - - but them around the room for a week or two and then vacuum them up - ants hate the smell of gloves. sandie

Jill said...

Happy Sunday, Dear Donna! Glad the bug lady is coming to safe your sanity! :)

Sally said...

I'm thinking Sandy meant cloves??? I can't do that because of HH and Rylan. But I wonder if that would work in the yard for those ants out there.

I know you enjoyed having the family over today; the food sounds good. I'm not doing anything today except trying to "nurse" the worst ear infection EVER.....The doc called in a antibiotic; I should have asked for some for pain. Oh well, live and learn.

Love ya!!

Ginny Hartzler said...

She is just beautiful, the picture is amazing! Our kitchen is crawling with tiny ants, all over the counters! I'm sure we must have eaten a few. And if we leave any dishes in the sink, that really draws them. They are too tiny for our cats to even be interested in, it is beneath their dignity to go after them. As I recall, the invasion will not last too long, not all spring and summer anyway. I AM glad it is not centipedes or some other bad insect. Actually, ants are really clean, and I read an article that says that they will take all your crumbs away and keep your kitchen clean. TRUE!!

africanaussie said...

thanks for commenting on my blog. we also have an ant problem. and int he end the stick on trap things that take the poison back to the nest seem to have helped somewhat.

Anvilcloud said...

Good luck with the ants.

Dolores said...

You have ants and I have gnats.... they're driving me crazy.

Beautiful young lady and beautiful picture!!!

Paula said...

That is a stunning picture, Miss Donna~ she is a gorgeous gal!
I didn't try your ant vaporizer *haha* but we use that old stuff called Terro (when we can find it!) and it works great.
Hope the Bug Lady gets those buggers! ((HUGS))

Nita Jo said...

First of all, thanks for checking on me. I'm ok. I've been scanning through all your posts I'd missed! What an insane month it's been... weather, politics, Boston, West, Margaret Thatcher, Annette... too much.

I love the prom photos as well as your post about Netflix, which I love because of the British mysteries too! Hopefully, I'll be checking in with you a bit more often now.

Nita jo

Sandy Trefger said...

Ants. Ugh. We use Amdro and pretend that it works. I think it just makes them move around. Beautiful photo, my dear, on this post!
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