Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Still Sick

William went to school yesterday, no fever, feeling fine. This morning he's back home with a fever. Now we're just praying Sami doesn't get it. He has lots of allergies so this is not his best time of the year. Hope everyone had a peaceful evening. It was my early day to go home yesterday so I had time to cook a pork tenderloin in the Advantium. 18 minutes. Done, crisp on the outside, tender and moist on the inside. Yes, I even had to thaw it out...6 minutes. I just love that little machine. I'm at work and the phones are dead. Some days that just happens. Other days, you are so busy, you can't catch your breath. Oh well, a little rest never hurt. It's 88degrees here again today but they say it'll start the climb back up to the mid 90s by Friday. No plans this weekend. Hope all of you have a great evening and a better tomorrow.