Monday, August 4, 2008

110 Degrees and a Hot Phone

Good Grief it's HOT!! I Know I love Summer, but this is a little Too hot!! Heat index: 110 !!! My poor plants are withering and the tomato plants produced...Nothing!! That's a never. I see on the weather map that there may just be a storm headed our way from the Gulf of Mexico....We are SO ready for it. Hopefully it'll cool things off a bit.

Well, the technology bug bit me again! Samsung's "Instinct" touch phone. My Smartphone...??? Can't See The Lettering without my reading glasses...GADS!!! Sliding keypads are Not for me. Those buttons are just too small as well! Can't tell you how many calls I've missed or messages I can't find!! I'm tired of trying to be a computer whiz kid...The KID in the store just looked at me politely as I stood there explaining (whining) why I didn't like my present cell phone...LOL...Should have seen his face! I then just stopped talking and decided to cut to the chase...I asked if they had a phone for "old" people...."Oh Yes mam...step over here"....The "Instinct" was calling my name. One finger navigation..."I'll take it"....It Is cool....Just move your thumb all Over the face of it. Takes you where you want to go!   I left the store a happy camper. NO Guessing!   Well, that's about it for today...Hope you're staying cool OR warm where Ever you are and I'll talk at 'cha tomorrow!