Friday, January 28, 2011

The Brenda Photo Challenge (1-29-11) Frozen

Well, eventhough I suggested this theme...There's Nuthin' Frozen around here!Hahaa...Maybe a frozen Margarita would have worked but since I haven't been to any bars lately...this is about all I've got!!Lolol.....Don't you just love the blue lighting in my bottom freezer...hummm? It's almost 70 degrees here as well...I'm just not feeling the "frozen" love!
Y'all have a great get on over and check out everyone else at The Brenda Photo blog!

It's Friday!

Thank goodness it's Friday! I was beginning to think this week wasn't Ever going to end! I've had a sinus infection 'ta beat the band and have been been feeling like....well you know. I didn't take the above photo...I think my grandson, Will, did. He's eleven. That's grandaughter Samantha and daughter, Crystal. They seem to be at some rodeo thing...I can't keep up with them or anything else this week. I think when I get home from work, I'll find a dark closet and close the door....Hahaaa.....Don't Forget to get your Brenda Photo Challenge photos ready for viewing! You can post them as early as this afternoon if you want. I'm not picky.
Enjoy your weekend everyone!!!