Saturday, December 10, 2016

December 10...

Larry and I woke up early...2:30am...yep...and just decided to get on up!  You know how it feels to just lay in bed, get sleepy again and drift off?  Nope, neither do I...SO, it was get up and turn on the coffee maker time.  After playing on the computer a bit, eating breakfast and getting dressed, we hustled into town to get the shopping done.  Walmart had everything we needed, but I swear after raising my daughter then having the granddaughter Samantha around, you'd think I'd remember what kind of baby doll a one year old would like to play with!Hahaa...Nope!  I had NO idea!  My rescuer came in the form of a young black mother of two little ones in her shopping of them was a  one year old!  Mom directed this old woman (head hanging low in embarrassment) the CORRECT baby dolls.  They need to have a completely soft body.  Thanks to her I found a little sweetie and put it in my basket.  How the years erase some things and amplify others...Oh well.  I had sent Larry off to find the radio controlled truck for the 15 year old on the list from yesterday's ornament.  He came around the corner just beaming.  He didn't have any problems! 
Next but lastly, it was the size 18 to 24 month sized clothes.  You know what?  They don't really make much for little boys do they?!  But, Larry saved the day.  On an out of the way hanger were size 24mo pant sets.  Done and done.
After labeling and packing the gifts away, we had lunch...roast, new potatoes and green beans.  The day is only half over...guess I'm in the mood for a Christmas movie.  It's a Wonderful Life should fill the bill!
Have a super Saturday!