Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Spirit of Christmas...Happiness

First thing on the agenda...Tell me it ain't so.....44yrs old today? When did THAT happen????
Matt,(one of our service guys), looking extremely serious! He's a Great Cook to!....WE WANT COOKIES!!!! LOL

Christmas Cheer! Lots of laughter and happiness....that's the ticket people! This is also a great blackmail photo!! lol WE WANT COOKIES!!!

Crystal hard at work. She's learned! Every time I say, "SMILE", she knows to ham it up! There's no telling where it's gonna show up!! My little Love!!!

Well, I've received my very First Tag....from Miss Nita. Have to name five random things about myself....Geez....Y'all needed a nap anyway didn't you!! lol I do like the way Nita used pictures to tell about her random things so I think I'll try to do the same. Hopefully it'll be for tomorrow's post...

Well, guess I'll get back to work. Have a fun and playful day today and I'll talk to you later.