Tuesday, November 9, 2010

It's Fall and I'm Still looking...

Forgive my feeble attempt at changing my background...I do Not like it! Bare with me while I figure out how to upload a nice paper...unzip it...and use it as a background. I have seen some really pretty ones but am ignorant when it comes to loading them as backgrounds. Going in search of a tutorial online. There's bound to be one out there somewhere. I'm tired of having other peoples banners in the upper left hand corner of my blog! I Did manage to Move the banner to the lower left...Way down the page...but it's still there! One of those things that irritates you...You KNOW it's there...Hahaaa
Hope all is wonderful in Your worlds today...It turned out to be pretty here, 75degrees already and sunny. Nice. Well, guess I'll get busy and put on my thinking cap. If you click on and the page looks strange...don't worry. It's just me testing stuff. Why do things Always have to be complicated? Happy day everyone!