Saturday, January 30, 2010

The Brenda Photo Challenge (1-30-10 The Best of 2009)

It was a great Spring time!

Leah came along in October and stole all our hearts!

I think this will be the winner for Hubby and myself for the Best of 2009...My daughter and Tim announced their engagement Christmas evening....

Well, that's it for me even though I could have added many more...Now I'm off to see all of Yours!! Have a Great Saturday where Ever you are!
PS- Well, I hit the WRONG button...Publish...Instead of Post Options...Sorry! Now you have to look at my offerings 12hrs Earlier!!!Hahaa...Night Guys!
PPS-Hahaaaa...I've Also been VERY behind in Visiting all my "Buds"!!! I'm lost and can't find myself....LOL??? I'll make my rounds in the morning...and Coffee in the evil eye to anyone who disturbs me...Again!!!Hahaaa....


Mandie said...

Beautiful pictures! I love the side pic with the duck in the feathers. Absolutely precious. Keep warm girlfriend!!

Donna said...

You cheated and jumped the gun! Marty says you have to pay a fine of 1 dozen carrots! LARGE ones, LOL.

Those are all great photos of the "best" in your world during 2009! So when is that wedding going to be anyhow???

Thanks for getting the challenge going again, sweetie! I went overboard and got more than 3 for my post. Come on over for a visit! Don't mind the rabbit fur clumps scattered about!

Doris said...

Wonderful photos. The cygnet on the swan's back is beautifully back-lit. Just stunning!

Janice said...

2009 looks like it was a happy year for your family! Wishing you a great 2010 as well!!! I agree with Donna and thank you for restarting the photo challenge!

I had issues with signing up for the photo challenge. It would not give me the name/url option. I tried several times and even signed out and back in. I'm not sure what that was all about...crazy computers! Have a great weekend!

Lynn said...

These are wonderful photos...Leah is precious and your daughter and future SIL make a beautiful couple.

Somehow I missed that you were starting the challenge back up...look forward to participating in the next one.

SquirrelQueen said...

Wonderful photos, definitely a great year at your house. Leah's outfit is absolutely adorable.


SOUL said...

who could ask for more , my friend? i don't think many folks could unless they're just greedy.
wanna know my dad-- a father of four girls used to say?
"what do greedy girls get?
(answer) = nuthin!

and you aren't greedy.
it's all about the love aint it.
can't take anything else with ya when ya go.

anyhow-- you have a beautiful , loving family and i think that is just wonderful--- congrats on the new addition(S)

big hugs-

ps-- my pix are up now teeewwwwww. if ya wanna peek.
oh-- and i got coffee on :))

Ann said...

Love the recap of the year. Those are some great highlights

Jeanne said...

Glad the challenge is started up again even if you are cracking that whip for us to post. Just cause you're an early riser hehe. Love the pictures and yes Crystal and Tim are the big winner! What an exciting 2010 you'll have Donna. {{HUGS}}

WR said...

Leah would be my first pick. What a gorgeous joy she is! Lucky you!!! :) Of course the engagement photo is precious. And now we can anticipate photos of the new family to be! Last Spring brings promises of this Spring ~ bring it on! :-) ((hugs)) WR

Sally said...

That precious little Leah!! She could not be any cuter!! You know I'm so very EXCITED for Crystal and Tim. ((hugs))

Jeanette said...

I want spring time so bad! Your pictures are gorgeous and little Leah is too cute for words!

Nita Jo said...

Love your choices! Little Leah is so adorable... that was my mom's name. We always intended to use it, but only had the two boys. It's a thrill to see a baby Leah!

I didn't do well on this challenge. Just didn't take many photos this year. I'll do better in the next challenge!

Love and Blessings!
Nita Jo

Paula said...

Oh, Donna- what beautiful pictures! I love the one of the flower- it's wonderful to be reminded that Spring is just around the corner... especially when there is 8 inches of snow on the ground... *sigh*

Gordon said...

Lost yourself! I know the feeling.

Brenda said...

Babies and blooms and the cute couple, I can see why they're all the best! Wonderful shots Miz Donna!

I'm sorry to be so slow in getting around but this dial-up is only barely better than nothing. It takes forever to load a page then forever to load the comments,,etc,,driving me crazy here! I may use a blow dryer to thaw out my satellite if the sun doesn't come out soon!!!

Donna said...

Thanks Guys!!! NOW, Go see how easy it is to sign up for the Next Challenge!!

antigoni said...

Great photos, Donna.
You're always there for me and this is very important. Thank you.
I wish you and your family have only happy moments in your life.
I did my post for Brenda's photo challenge.

Lucy said...

Hope 2010 bring more of the same as 2009. You put me to shame as I have not posted much recently. Must get back to it.
Hope you have a great week.

Tes said...

Lea is so adorable! Love her outfit! Congratulations to your daughter and Tim! So many wonderful things happened! Wow! :)