Monday, November 5, 2012

S%*T Southern Girls Say...

OK Now...IF you're offended by a few curse words...Do Not Watch! I'm in my Pre-Election mode so just bare with me!Hahaaa....It's 'gonna be a Long 48 hours! We did a few chores around the house over the weekend, hubby cooked a great pork roast and I did a little laundry. Nothing spectacular. It rained Saturday afternoon and left us with a double rainbow...Oh, and by the way, I heard from my family up North and they all made it through Sandy!  Power went off but it's back on now and they are just left with cleaning up!  Thanks for all your sweet wishes!!!

Well, guess I'll get back to my nail biting and chain coffee drinking...WHAT???Hahaaa... Sweet night All!


Dawn said...

Ha Ha !! Loved the clip !! :) Could relate to a lot of it !! I am glad your family was okay !! Beautiful rainbow. We have a drizzley day today !!

We are heading to vote tomorrow !! Will be glued to the TV !!


Donna said...

We'll be Glued as Well!!!
Praying Hard!

Auntie sezzzzzz... said...

Soooooo glad you heard from your people in Sandy's way and they are ok. I was going to ask you if you'd heard. Thank you for telling...

Glad to hear someone else is on pins and neeedles. -sigh- And of course I am not offended by language. You should all live around me. You would be amazed!!!!!!!! Nope, shocked!

Hey, if my heros, the Military can use *colorful* language, so can I!!! Ever follow Mil Blogs? Everyone should! -giggggles- Lossens you up.

I can't drink real coffee. I am just staying wired, by my self. In fact, I'm bouncing off the rafters. And I think it would be a whole lot more fun, to take my broom out for a flight!!!! See you, when I land!!! ,-)


Donna said...

Oh my word, ROLF! Were you following me around with a video camera?! I was spitting at the computer screen by the time it got to bless her heart and she didn't use Duke's mayonnaise! I appreciate the laughs, since we're all on pins and needles right now.

I have to schedule a post for Wednesday because we'll be out to the latest boonies to photograph bears. And I'm going out on a limb to post something positive! I'll be really P.O.'d if my prediction is wrong, LOL!

Donna said...

I'm also glad that your relatives are OK from the storm! What a mess it is up there.

Ann said...

Curse words never bothered me so I had to

Out on the prairie said...

I have to admit being charmed by the video,more than the election here

Anonymous said...

hee hee, I think you know I'm not a prude when it comes to language!

Hope the election goes your way, Donna. We've had so much coverage over here, we feel we're living it with y'all, lol.

CJ x

Auntie sezzzzzz... said...

Nov. 6th, 7:15AM

Are you calmed down, Dear?

I am a bit. I had a lovely little ride around the neighborhood, on my broom last evening. It kind of calmed me down. -gigggggles-

It's early and we will be going to Vote soon. Vote for Love Of Country!


Happy Election Day,

Dolores said...

I'm biting my nails watching the returns.

Wow, that's a gorgeous rainbow!!

Anvilcloud said...

That was kind of fun.

Paula said...

Oh my goodness, Miss Donna~ I am ON THE FLOOR!! You just made my day!
"Can ya'll monogram these?"
"Jesus drank wine..."
"She didn't use Duke's mayo."
And MY favorite~ "How's ya momma 'nam?" *BWAHAHAHAHA*

Jenny said...

"She didn't use Duke's mayonnaise" ... Baaaaahahahaha! Thanks for the laugh, luvvy. I desperately needed it.

Sandy Trefger said...

Ha, ha, ha that video is too funny! Well it's all over now Donna. Hope you have some nails left! :)

Sandi McBride said...

Sh*t y'all, you know we don't talk that way!!!
Sandi (coolin' my heels in South Caolina, bless your heart!)

A Colorful World said...

Awesome video! LOVED it! Shared it with my very Southern sister who lives in Rye, NY! :-) Glad your family came through Sandy OK!