Sunday, September 24, 2017

Limping Forward...

Did I FINALLY decide to do it???  Yes...I think the story below helped me make up my mind.  Life's too short and I'm tired. 
  Hi again!  Just popping in to check on you all and to let you know I'm still around.  We went on an impromptu visit out to see our friends in Eagle Nest, New Mexico.  We were there for a few days, then, after that, long story short...we headed home.
We arrived, stored away the motor home...packed up the tow car with our groceries from the refrigerator and came to the house.  I unlock the back door...head in to the dark playroom...try the light switch on the wall, doesn't work, so I rushed in to head to the other wall where there's another switch...wrong move in a dark room...There was an empty, opened suitcase on the floor about six feet into the room...My foot goes into it but my body lands on the floor in the opposite direction.  Needless to say, when you feel a pop on your ankle, you know what's happened.  Larry comes in shortly behind me...heard me moaning and decides to ask, "What the hell you doin' down there...?"  Seriously???
  Quick trip to Urgent Care confirmed a better scenario than the one I imagined...It was only a hairline fracture and not a full blown break.  So, I've been hobbling around (No Crutches for me! Hate the things)  using my trusty cane.  It's been three weeks now and it's healing up pretty well.  Nothing like getting an injury, to help a person put things into the proper prospective...Life's too short to run around chasing your tail...I'm tired.    

SO much swelling!!  Halfway up my leg!!  Ouch!
Believe it or not, as we were driving down the highway from New Mexico, we started seeing onions all along the highway!  We couldn't believe it.  But as we were driving in a motor home, you can't just pull over.  We waited until we found a rest stop and could only hope the truck they were falling off of, was such luck, BUT!!!  I did find about ten huge onions in the rest stop parking lot!  Did I jump out and grab them you ask?  Oh yes mam!  And they were beautiful.  Big and sweet.
Steak finger plate enjoyed while traveling at Harry's Roadside Restaurant in NM.

Larry cooked after we were home...Pork ribs and garlic potatoes.

We went to a Chinese restaurant that had been in the area for years (Kitoks)  and had hamburgers and oriental french fries.
And cinnamon buns... (I made). Well, Guess that's about it for me.  This coming Friday will be my last day on the job.  I don't mind filling in for them occasionally but I am so done with full time!  Hope you all are doing well...I'll be hopping over to check...Enjoy your day!


Out on the prairie said...

I don't wear a watch and know that if something needs done, it will always be there tomorrow. That is my retired credo.It is fun to do whatever you feel like and enjoy life to the fullest.Sometimes I do get too busy just playing hard and helping others.

Ann Thompson said...

Well good for you. Enjoy your retirement. Too bad you had to injure your foot to make the decision. That looks a bit painful

Sally said...

Oh goodness, Donna, you poor thing! Your foot looks terrible; I'm so sorry that happened. I guess the good news; you got the onions before the accident. :)

Retirement sucks for me; when I get my daughter back on her feet I'm gonna try for a parttime job.

But you? You and Larry will have the most awesome times, I know you will. Take care of that foot, young lady.

Love you lots.

Anvilcloud said...

Well, congratulations and yum to those food pics.

I know it's of little consolation, but a break is probably better long term than a sprain. I am in pain and limping 30 years after a very bad sprain.

Lin said...

Oh, gees..that ankle looks BAD! I am so sorry that you were hurt. :( But...the retirement is good news. Maybe the part-time or temporary work will be nice instead. That's what I am doing and it is a good solution--you can feel useful, but without the stress.

Hope you are feeling better soon!

Sandy Trefger said...

Well ouch! That had to really hurt! Hope you are still recovering well! Found onions! How funny!!

Jeanette said...

I sprained my foot a few years ago and it looked just like that! So unbelievably painful! I am very happy for you that you are retiring and also a little jealous! I have two years and one month to go before I can qualify to retire from here with a full benefit package! I cannot wait! Enjoy your leisure days and fun road trips. Get up here to Michigan if you can!

bichonpawz said...

Whoa Donna! That looks insanely painful! I sure hope you are feeling better now. Huge Congrats on the Retirement decision!! You will have SO much fun traveling! Best decision you ever made! :)

Feel Better!!

Jenny said...

Donna I'm sorry I missed all of this! I "see" you so much on Instagram, I feel like I'm in the loop. Guess not. I hope by now you're feeling ever so much better. I'm prone to unplanned tumbles too but so far I've yet to break a bone. And congratulations on your retirement It's high time. xoxo

Nita Jo said...

Oh my! I don't know how I missed this post, but I'm so sorry about your foot! I do want to wish you Happy Retirement! I hope you have lots of interesting, fun things planned.

After looking at those cinnamon buns, I must now head into the kitchen and forage. There's nothing as splendid in there, but maybe I can round up a cookie or something! Big Hugs to you!