Friday, July 9, 2021

I Never Found...Normal!

 Good Morning...or should I introduce myself, again?!!  Good grief...It's been a while: a long while.  I suppose my only excuse is, life happened.  It tends to do that.  We've been plugging along here...things have changed and yet they seem to be the same.  Long story yet, one I really am not wanting to go into.  So, what am I up to these days?  We sold our sat more than it rolled on down the highway...I got into cakes and cupcake, cookie baking...Board building...cutting board building, that is.  Larry and I have found something to do while we trudge through our retirements.  We sell them.  It's such a peaceful thing to do...We both come up with designs...he cuts and I do the finish work.  Nothing like zoning out while sanding something! ;o)

Hope you all are happy and well?!!  Let me know what you've been up to!  I promise to not be away so long next time... I've been bad.  Enjoy your day or night and I'll be around to check up on you!  Later...

This is the couple we sold our motorhome to...really sweet people.

Our granddaughter Samantha...all grown up, married and working as a stylist, doing extremely well at it.

Grandson William...still in the Air Force...Tucson, Arizona...doing great.

Brick pattern

Sidewalk pattern

Lola Pattern

Betsy Pattern

Candy Pattern

Various size boards and different woods

Our Logo...all burns, on backside of board


Lin said...

Hooray! A blog update! So many blogs falling by the wayside, I'm glad you are back. LOVE the cutting boards! You are both very talented.

Jeanette said...

Hey stranger! Your grandkids are gorgeous and those cutting boards are awesome! Sanding anything is one of my least favorite things to do so good on you! Too bad about your motor home but looks like those people are pretty excited to get it! Want to know what I've been up to? Pop on over to the blog! Good to hear from you! XO

Karen M said...

Those cutting boards are great! Too pretty to use!

Ann said...

Well howdy stranger. So good to see you posting today. Those cutting boards are gorgeous. How nice that you have something you can work on together. Wade never had an interest in doing any of the things I made.

Sally said...

Love those cutting boards. I've never seen any to compare. And, of course always love seeing Sam and Will.

So good to see you again! :)


Jenny the Pirate said...

Well THIS made my day! Hello old friend! The kids look better than ever, and the woodworking is glorious! I love the Betsy pattern but I'm partial to Lola too. Fantastic way to spend your time. Love you! xoxo

Nita Jo said...

Loved reading this update! I'm still not back to blogging full time. Life gets complicated. I love those cutting boards!I hope that endeavor is working out for you. Sending you love and hugs!!!