Thursday, December 8, 2011

I Been Bad...

Buddy's not talking to me... the little shoe chewer! I've tried Everything! Big bones, little bones...chewy toys, frizbees, rags...I'm just out of ideas. I know he's still a pup but this is getting expensive! 60 dollar shoes this time was the target...ruined. Can't put presents under the tree in fear he'll have the Best Christmas EVER!Hahaaaa. So, put your thinking caps on! If you've had this problem, I could use the benefit of your wisdom...I hate it when he gives me the cold shoulder.


Crystal said...

LOL, aw, that sweet lil dog did that? Nah, don't believe it! BUT...if he did why don't u just go to the Dollar Store and buy him his own shoes to tear up? As for the Presents under the tree just put Tims out front so it'll take him till Christmas to go thru that one, lolol!!!!

Donna said...

Well, do you then think it could have been your Dad's teeth marks all over those shoes? I'll have to investigate this further!Hahaaa

Susan said...

That photo is priceless. :))
Boy, can I relate. It took quite a while before we felt confident that our dog wouldn't chew everything in sight. He chewed two BlackBerry phones and the TV remote control. Grrrrrr - very costly indeed!
We sought help from 'Pet Smart' and were advised to buy a special chew toy and everytime he went for it, we were to praise him. It took a long time to work but it eventually did. It became his favorite toy as opposed to my shoes or devices.
As for the immediate future, I suggest you keep everything out of reach. Hehehehe
Now, go make nice to your sweet furbaby. :))

Dawn said...

I just want to hug him !! LOL He is just like my Pedro when he has been bad. Your Buddy knows he is in trouble !! Do you crate him during the day, might try that. Sounds like you can't leave anything out for awhile. NOTHING !! LOL You can ship your presents to me, I will watch them !! :) You probably won't get them back, though !! Hahaha Good luck with Buddy. He is so cute.

Ann said...

Aw Buddy. Not the
For the first couple years we had Duke he destroyed every pair of sandals I owned. I tried to be very careful about keeping them put away in the closet but the second I slipped up and left them out he was there. Lucky for me he outgrew it, hopefully Buddy will too

Jill said...

He sure is a cutie! One tip I've heard (that only works if you can catch him in the act) is to put a few pennies in a tin can and shake it when he goes for something he shouldn't. Good luck to you!

Sally said...

He needs an older brother.

He needs a weiner dog to play with.

He needs Hopper Henry Haynes.

And, I'll pay for shipping. :)

Anvilcloud said...

This is why I am a cat man. I like dogs ... in other people's houses.

bichonpawz said...

Hmmmm...perhaps he needs a buddy! A friend to chill with????


A teething puppy or young dog will seek out items to chew to help alleviate the painful or itchy feeling inside her mouth. To a dog seeking relief from sore gums, a soft tennis shoe or leather shoes with rubber soles may appear to be the perfect items to chew on.


When a dog is by himself, he will look for ways to be entertained. Many dogs turn to chewing. If your shoe is in a place that can be reached, it may seem like the perfect item for your pet to entertain himself with.


If your dog does not get regular exercise via daily walks, or if she is alone for extended amounts of time, she is likely to feel anxious. Chewing is a natural way a dog focuses her energy and relieves anxiety. If your shoe is in the vicinity, it will likely be among the objects she chooses.


Many dog toys look like everyday objects such as sneakers and hot dogs. If you leave your running shoes around the house within your dog's reach, chances are that he will see no difference between chewing your real shoe and the fake rubber shoe you bought for him.


Dogs like to be around their owners and can find the scent of their people comforting. When your dog is home alone or even in a different room of the house than you are, he may seek out your shoe as a chew toy simply because it smells like you

Hope this helps! Or at least wins me the award for LONGEST comment! LOL!

Auntie sezzzzzz... said...

I've never trained a dog, so I have no idea. But this is beyond cute, right? This has to stop, NOW.

How about a Doggie Obedience Class? Sounds good to me.

Good luck and keep us posted. :-)

"Christmas is here,
Merry old Christmas.
Joy-bringing Christmas,
Day of grand memories,
King of the year!"

~~Washington Irving

Paula said...

Awwww... poor lil' feller!
Lily did the same thing to a couple of pairs of my house shoes... I finally found that buying her those big rawhide wrap bones kept her busy and outta trouble. Hope you can find something for the little rascal to chew on other than your shoes, Miss Donna!

Nita Jo said...

He's either very ashamed of himself, or that's the coldest shoulder ever! Lol! Good luck on finding a solution.

Debbie said...

He's got your number. This would be breaking my heart LOL
He's GOOD!!

Ms. Becky said...

that is so adorable!!! too bad he's chewing your shoes, but I just can't help loving him. Ship him off to me! seriously, I've never had a pup in the house, so I have no advice. But he has to outgrow that habit sooner or later. in the meantime, hide your shoes! good luck!

Dolores said...

How in the world could a little guy that's so cute and innocent looking do something so naughty........

I think time is going to be the healer of the our stinker got older she stopped chewing. I wish you luck!

Sandy Trefger said...

No tips except keep everything you want to keep in one piece put up!

Donna said...

Some dogs are just naturally "mouthy". Like some people, haha!! And when they are pups, they will test out their mouths on anything of interest. Go to the pet store and get bitter apple spray. There is an indoor version and an outdoor version. Spray it on anything that he may take a notion to chew. The taste is horrible. I had problems with our Buddy when he was a tiny pup because he loved to play with our hands. Those little razor pup teeth had me bleeding all over the place. Saying no didn't work (he was too young to understand). I would then spray my hands with the bitter apple spray and all it took was a couple of times for him to understand he was not to use his mouth on my hands. And then all I had to do was just show him the bottle and he would bark at me to show his disgust! LOL, he was trained in no time at all.

Jenny said...

Uhm ... no ideas. Call the Dog Whisperer? Cruel to crate him but I would not put up with shoe ruination. Mercy. What a cutie he is which does not make it any easier I'm sure. Good luck and Merry Christmas!!!

Brenda said...

Just thank The Good Lord he's not a lab or else he'd be bringing you all sorts of bodies to hide amongst the chew toys.

sonia a. mascaro said...

Buddy looks lovely!