Monday, November 14, 2016

I Know It's Almost Been a Month...I've Been Busy Gaining Weight...WHAT???

Rib Eye and Sweet potato

Tri-Tip off the pit...Lordy people, this was wonderful!

Larry's English Muffin, chrispy and served with butter

Red Beans

Sami and boyfriend's new puppy, Australian sheepdog
Well, I have!  Since Larry retired, he's been in the kitchen...truly.  I love him...I do.  BUT, I'm stuffed!  We eat breakfast, he prepares my lunch for work then when I walk in from work, a nice...big...supper.  Then there's the cream...etc.  If he doesn't find something else to get enthusiastic over, you'll have to roll me to work!  
Other than that it's been pretty humdrum here.  Yes, the elections are over and we're feeling better about America's future but the violence is incredible.  It seems to be happening only in Liberal areas of which we really can't understand??!!!  Or, maybe we can.... Oh well...forward!
The weather is starting to change.  There's a chill in the air now.  Daytime highs will only be in the mid 70's which is nice!  Night time is cooler...4o, 50's F.  Drag those sweaters out!  I've been wearing socks and tennis shoes for nearly two weeks now instead of flip flops.  Don't mind the cooler temps but I dread the rain and ice.  Not a big fan...
Well, hang in there and maybe I'll start being good and blog more often.  Coming over to check on you!


Out on the prairie said...

I have been making some bread with this cooler weather.My dad used to cook those tri tips a lot , may have to look up the English muffin bread.

Sally said...

Such a sweet pic of Sam, Everett (isn't that his name?) and their puppy.

Weather cooler here also, thank goodness. I wear socks & tennie's around the house, but I don't leave the house without my flip flops IT JUST AIN'T RIGHT!! :)

Love ya. Post more often, please. And that food? Stop it! :)


Ann said...

I think I may have gained 10 pounds just looking at the

Brenda said...

Hello my Texas bud!! Just sliding in sideways here to give you a big hug and catch up. Larry is making some luscious looking vittles there!! Makes me hungry!!!

Jeanette said...

OK Girl! You are making me gain weight by proxy posting all those delicious foods! I will be searching for English muffin bread next time I am in the grocery store!

Sandy Trefger said...

I gained weight just looking at the food! LOL

Anvilcloud said...

There must be worse things than having someone cook for you. And that food looks gooood.

Lin said...

Aw, gees, that food looks GOOD!

Yes, the violence has escalated...under the last reign of 8 years. Check out the Chicago Tribune for the latest murder counts. Ugh. I worry every single day about my family and for my daughter who lives and goes to school in the city. We have undermined the police and now it is a free-for-all. Very scary times indeed.

BUT...the weather is lovely and slowly...ever so slowly, winter is working its way here.

Jenny said...

Girl! All that gorgeous food! I'd be in big trouble if anyone was cooking for me like that. But you can enjoy and still not overdo. And what a darling dog!!! I love that breed. Their eyes are miraculous. Happy Thanksgiving! xoxo