Friday, April 19, 2024

Winning...Sloane, Friends and Cinnamon Rolls

Good morning, friends...Just a (short post) today...lolol...  Not much has happened since I last spoke with you.  Ruth Ann is slowly improving but...she still isn't minding the doctor's advice about not driving for several more weeks!  She showed up here saying she wanted a cup of Larry's coffee from the Jura Machine.  Did I tell you...lolol...yeah, probably not, butt...A tree's roots gave way, from all the rain we've had lately, and fell on Ruth Ann's house.  The back corner...knocked out power.... broke the electric pole.  Then her well-meaning neighbor came with his electrician ( I hesitate to call him that since no one produced a license...) to try and get her power back on...somehow breaking a water line???
Long story short, the "well-meaning" neighbor charged Ruth Ann $2200.00 and demanded his money that evening, after the work was done (no prior estimate given).  She got pissed, as you can imagine, drove to her bank... (not supposed to be driving) got a loan for it...called the neighbor to "damn-well" come get it.  He didn't want to produce an invoice but had to (handwritten on a piece of typing paper) in order for Ruth to get the loan.  He demanded cash...yeah...but the lady at the bank told Ruth that a Cashier's check would ruin his day because, all his information would be on the check and the IRS would be notified of the me smile.  The guy supposedly has a construction business.  I don't think it's reputable.  He's sort of creepy, to me.  Cartel?  Who knows.  He owns a bunch of fancy stuff, but we never see him working...? Anyway, he has this huge fancy house...trucks...backhoes...and a sketchy workforce. I tried to tell Ruth Ann not to call on him for help but...she's thinking she'd get the "neighbors" discount...right.
Now she no longer wants to have anything to do with him (he got into her pocketbook) so the war is on.  This is what can happen if you use people you know, and something happens...just don't do it if you want to remain friends.
I'm staying OUT of it...

Meanwhile...back in my normal world, our grandson, William (in the Air Force stationed in Arkansas), Joined a 5K run and they won!  He's the one on the left side end in the red sweatshirt.  He thinks he'll stay in the AF.  He loves his new airbase and the people there.

William (R) and one of his new friends enjoying life...Lordy, we love this boychild...<3

Cousins Sloane and Arlis...That's Arlis' dad.  Country babies...

Always learning something new...

My purple roses are blooming...the bush is full of buds.

Isn't this a cute idea?  My daughter, Crystal had this made for Sloane out of a night suit that she no longer was able to wear.  A friend at her job made it. Too cute!

In case any of you have people following your blog that you'd "rather they didn't"'s how you fix things.  I had one blogger that decided they'd like to constantly say rude and ugly things that finding a solution was a must!  It took a lot of searching but I finally figured it out.  This works on any blog...commercial or not. If they "follow" your can dump them, permanently!

Thursday, we got to enjoy a meet-up with my Blogger Buddy, Linda and Louis Dean Chapman from Irving, Texas!  They have a little place located in a nearby town that they call, The Ranch.  Well, since we live so close, we decided the best thing to do was to have a meet-up.  And we did!  Talk about a sweet couple!  We laughed the whole time...ate some good food and promised to get together again, real soon.  What a blessed day... 

My plate...yes, I gained a pound...again!  But it was worth it.  How often do you get to make new friends and have a good lunch?

Me and my hubby, Larry.  

Ann  has sent another beautiful card!  This one is absolutely gorgeous!  I better get my butt settled long enough to get one back to her!  It's a 3D kind of card with different's so pretty!
Thank you, Ann!!  I love it! 

And yes...I'm bad.  I made cinnamon rolls for breakfast, this morning.  Bad Donna!!!  I only had one...with hot was so good... I guess I'll need to add about 3,000 steps to my walk, today.  Bad Donna   ; o)

Well, I guess that's about it for me this morning.  Hope you all are enjoying warm or cool breezes...a hot or cold beverage and are safe from harm.
ALSO...I found 5 comments in my Spam folder!  You might want to check your's...
So... until next time...


Lin said...

You and Larry look AWESOME! What a handsome couple you are!

Good Lord...what is with your sister? She's a mess. There is no "neighbor" discount anymore. Gone are the days of helpers who actually HELP. I can't believe she let that guy touch her house. I hope she learned something from that whole debacle.

Sooze said...

You post such lovely pictures on your blog, thank you. I didn't know that about blocking problem people...thanks. However, it's the Anonymous ones who post the odd nasty comment that I'd really like to block. Fabulous photo of you and Larry.

Sandra Cox said...

Oh those cinnamon rolls look luscious.
That's appalling about Ruth Ann's neighbor.
Great shot of you and Larry. Glad you got to meet a blogger bud.
Have a grand weekend. Hugs

Ann said...

Oh my word, your sisters neighbor sounds like a real jerk. Whatever happened to people helping people out?
Love the picture of you and Larry.
Glad you liked your card. Working on next months now :)
I want to reach in and grab that cinnamon roll. It looks so good.

photowannabe said...

Lucky YOU!!
You got to meet Linda and Louis Dean in person. I'm sure there was plenty of laughter and just plain fun chatting.
Umm, yumm on the Mexican food and that cinnamon roll.
The pounds will still come off and your tastebuds were happy.

Mari said...

That's such a nice picture of you and Larry!
What a crazy situation with your sisters neighbor. It really does sound shady.
Sloane is cute as ever. The little teddy bear is a great idea.
Your food looks yummy!

The Happy Whisk said...

congrats to your grandson winning the 5K.

That's a horrible man that didn't help Ruth Ann. Did he fix the water pipe? I am confused though, did she actually hire him or did he push his way in? Either way, he sounds like a butt.

Very cool that you met your blogger friends. Laughing is the best!

Far Side of Fifty said...

Wow what a horrid neighbor to have, surely he has heard of making an estimate??? Too many shady characters out there to not have it all in writing! That purple rose is lovely:)

Margaret D said...

Spam folders, oh yes, check mine every day as it pays too.
Your sister, well she is having or had problems, hope all turns out alright for her, good idea to stay out of it.
Lovely photo of you and your husband, lovely blue eyes you have Donna.
Take care.

Polyester Princess said...

What a horrible man is Ruth Ann's neighbour. That Cashier's check serves him right, though!
I loved seeing the photo of you and Larry, and Sloane with her cousin too, obviously.
Those cinnamon rolls look delicious, I can't blame you for having them for breakfast :-) xxx

Lee said...

I'll try to post my comment again...first effort failed!

While reading your segment about Ruth Ann's neighbour, my mouth fell open. What a nasty human being he is!!!

I love your rose. Thanks for the smiles and laughter...take good care. :)

Red Rose Alley said...

Those cinnamon rolls look amazing! Love cinnamon rolls with a hot cup of coffee. So sorry to hear about Ruth Ann's neighbor issue. I hope it all works out for everyone involved. aahh, little Sloane and cousin are country kids. What a sweet picture that is. I love your purple rose! That's a neat idea to make a bear outfit with Sloan's old pj's. How fun to meet up with a blogger friend. I've only met one in person, and she lived in the same town as I did in So Cal, and I used to visit her vintage shop all the time. And a dear picture of you and Larry.

Have a splendid week ahead, Donna. Your posts always make me smile. : )


dori said...

What a "crazy" event at te begining of this blogpost! I really hope, that Ruth Ann will have still enough moneyfor herself!
My shepherd-brother Xavier also makes such loosing decisions always. Sometimes I can help a little bit, but the Lord is always helping him.. It's a miracle, and Xavier is always trusting in Jesus and His friends. So He always helps him, even when Xavier makes "shitt" :)

You look so beautiful! Can it be others, when you have so beautiful children!?!

I love your roses and the painting at the beginning of this news. You always stand in the blessing of the Lord, you and your family.

Best greetings from Dori from the Bavarian Forest

dori said...

Was für ein „verrücktes“ Ereignis zu Beginn dieses Blogposts! Ich hoffe wirklich, dass Ruth Ann noch genug Geld für sich hat!
Auch mein Hirtenbruder Xavier trifft immer solche verhängnisvollen Entscheidungen. Manchmal kann ich ein bisschen helfen, aber der Herr hilft ihm immer. Es ist ein Wunder und Xavier vertraut immer auf Jesus und seine Freunde. Also hilft er ihm immer, auch wenn Xavier „Scheiße“ macht :)

Du siehst so wunderschön aus! Könnte es anders sein, wenn man so schöne Kinder hat!?!

Ich liebe deine Rosen und das Gemälde am Anfang dieser Nachricht. Du und deine Familie stehen immer im Segen des Herrn.

Linda said...

Loved our visit together! We are going back home today but will return on Sunday May 19th...
maybe we can go Goodwilling!

Jeanette said...

How nice you had dinner with a fellow blogger! I've met two that live in Michigan. Its nice when they live close enough! Love the pic of you and Larry!

Granny Marigold said...

So much packed into one post, I don't know where to start.
Love that picture of Sloane and her little cousin.
That purple rose is so pretty 💜💜💜
Ruth Ann's neighbour sounds like a real dud. I hope Ruth Ann doesn't need his "help" again.
How lovely that you met up with Linda and Louis Dean. I can imagine how much fun that was.
Have a great week.

Back2OurSmallCorner said...

Such sweet pics of Sloane and her cousin and also of you and Larry.
Goodness, Ruth Ann gets into some scrapes.
I still hope things turn out OK for her but maybe she should avoid certain neighbourly help. You are wise to stay out of this one.
Have a great week xx

Catherine said...

The man is crazy! Such an amount of money!
Sloane and her cousin are very cute together.
I also put some weight but I like to cook and bake!
It was nice to meet a blogger friend.
Your post always make me smile 😊 nice couple picture !
Have a good week.

ashok said...

The kids trying to play music is my favorite picture today.. How cute!

Lowcarb team member said...

So much to read and see in this post.

Such nice pictures of Sloane and Arlis.
That's a great photograph of you and Larry too.

Take care, sending my good wishes.

All the best Jan

DeniseinVA said...

Ugh! on that neighbor taking advantage of your sister like that. Definitely fishy practicing and not nice at all, definitely not neighbor helping neighbor . The picture of Sloan and her cousin is real cute. Your grandson William is such a handsome young man and so nice to see him enjoying meeting new friends. Ann’s card is great isn’t it? She makes the prettiest cards. I love them. How great you met up with your blogging buddy Linda and husband Louis Dean. Sweet photo of you and Larry. I have never made cinnamon rolls. I need to do that, yours looked incredible! The rose is real pretty and loved all the pictures and funnies. Thanks for another great read.

Marilyn @ MountainTopSpice said...

Hello Donna! Happy to meet you! I enjoyed your "this and that" post, I do that a lot too - it's fun to share your life in bits and pieces. I'm so sorry about your neighbor's struggles with the neighbor preying on her in her distress. That's just terrible! I hope for resolution and peace in that situation. Sugar certainly calls out to us, and how I do love sugar, but my husband & I started keto this year, and it is amazing how good food does taste with alternate flours & sugars. I hope you have a marvelous day :)

Jennifer said...

Love your photo!! And loved those cartoons/clips/ had me laughing!! So glad I stopped by today. Hope your day includes a few good laughs as well!! Wish my day included one of those cinnamon rolls:)